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A  Rescue Facility for Unwanted...Handicapped Disabled...Displaced Exotic Birds

Providing wellness care to Exotic Birds in the Phoenix area ...for 17 Years

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 Some new things happening here at The Feathered Nest and we'll be talking more about them in the months ahead in our News Nest Section. We have MANY new arrivals, stop by our News Nest page to see who they are. Also ...we’re finally expanding. Read about it in our News Nest Section.

 We're finding out that many of you call into us about finding small young birds in your yards and it's good to know you at least want to do what is best for them. We receive many phone calls asking for assistance. As you know, we handle ONLY the domestic birds. As for the wild life birds that may have been blown into your yard or fallen from their nest, please contact Liberty Wild Life or Fallen Feathers (623.533.2348) for assistance. They will assist you in the proper handling of the wild (outside) birds. If you should come across “other” wildlife birds ...please contact the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Of course if you need help with the domestic birds, just give US a call.

 In the mean time, enjoy your stay and "welcome" to our family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please keep in mind, that sometimes we get very busy and if we don't return your call(s) right away, please be patient. We'll get to you as soon as we can. You can leave us a voice message (please repeat your phone number) and follow up with an e-mail. That way, you know you'll get through to us for your question or inquiry.

 We do not adopt out of the state of ArizonaAt present, we have NO birds available for adoption. Once we do, we will post them right here on a new page, and then you will be able to download our application and submit your request.

This may change very quickly, as we are starting to get more calls and eMails from bird owners who must give up their birds due to some financial crisis they are facing.

Right now ...we can take in the smaller birds ...’Keets; Cockatiels; Lovebirds; small Conures; Quakers or a Goffin Cockatoo...(2.2015)

At the present time we DO NOT have room for any of the larger birds such as:

McCaws; Cockatoos; Amazons OR African Grey’s ...

 Please enjoy your stay and if we can be of any help what so ever, please do not hesitate to call or eMail us. If we can't help, we'll do our best to find the organization that can.


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Our Fund Raising Event/Campaign is now “LIVE” and up and running. Here is where you can give your support for us to continue with our work to help these Extoic birds live a full and healthy life style.




We’ve added a NEW page to our site  ...”Tell Us YOUR Bird Story” ...an opportunity for YOU to tell us a funny or serious story about your exotic bird and submit it along with a photo and we’ll publish it right here ...

Just eMail it along with the photo and we’ll put it right where everyone can read and enjoy it ...

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Business Telephone Number:

602.708.1760 (Temporary Number)

As seeing the phone company can not isolate or even locate the problem of our Main number, we have set up a temporary one for you to make contact with us ...until we establish a new number. We tuly apologize for this ...but at least you still can make a phone call to us or simply use our eMail system.

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Latest Update: 4.2015

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If you see or hear about ANY abandoned pets that may have been left behind in someone’s home due to foreclosure ...let us know IMMEDIATELY ...

Call us at: 602.708.1760 (Temp. Number)

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