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We Are A “Forever” Rescue Facility for Abused ...Abandoned ...Unwanted Handicapped ...Disabled...Displaced Exotic Birds

Since 1998 ...we’ve been providing wellness care to Exotic Birds in Phoenix.

Some new things happening here at The Feathered Nest and we'll be talking more about them in the months ahead in our News Nest Section. We’re trying to expand ...and we could use YOUR help. Stop by our “funding page” to learn more on how YOU can become part of The Feathered Nest Family of gift givers.

We do not adopt out. We are a “forever” facility ...dedicated to providing ultimate care, wellness for these birds through their natural life.

Right now ...we can take in the smaller birds ...’Keets; Cockatiels; Lovebirds; small Conures; Quakers or a Goffin Cockatoo...(12.1015)

Presently we DO NOT have room for any of the larger birds such as:

McCaws; Cockatoos; Amazons OR African Greys ... until our room expansion is complete ...

In the mean time, enjoy your stay and "welcome" to our family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to  contact us. Please keep in mind, that sometimes we get very busy and if we don't return your call(s) right away, please be patient. We'll get to you as soon as we can. You can leave us a voice message (please repeat your phone number) and follow up with an e-mail. That way, you know you'll get through to us for your question or inquiry.


 Staff and Family Members

The Feathered Nest LLC

We Need Your Help with Our Food Drive

Hi everyone ...oh that’s me on the right ...I’m Paso the Ringneck. Here to ask for your help in helping us to continue on with our mission in  rescuing other Exotic Birds (such as myself) and provide THEM with a great forever home/shelter and to live out their lives with dignity, and help us with our Food Drive.

A little about me ...You see I came from a very stressful environment ...the peole were very nice, but they had many “other” critters they took care of. I was sitting right next to a slimmy, creepy snake ..who kept wathcing me ...real creepy and that surly stressed me out to where I was feather  plucking myself into serious injuires. Then came along Glenn (he’s our  Founder/Director) and The Feathered Nest to the rescue. Today I’m very much active, happy and no more feather  plucking and NO more stress. I even have another Ringneck that I take care of, Blueberry. [Unfortunately we lost Pocono (another Ring Neck I was taking care of) on Thanksgiving Day--2015]

Back to helping us here. We have set up a funding campaign (link below) so you can help us with our mission to not only rescue other Exotic Birds but also to help our founder, as he has lost his work and, thus resulting in loss (lack) of income to handle all of the expenses we must cover here. We know that our bird community (that’s YOU) will help us in this (what we believe) wil be a short lived situation.

We have set up a gifting chart (to the right) so whatever your gifting budget will allow, you can choose as to where your gift will go and how it will be spent.

We truly need your help so we can continue on with our mission and provide for us and any new arrivals so they, too, will have a “forever home” for the duration of their lives just like me. So ...from all of us here at The Feathered Nest, we truly want to “thank you” in advance for your generosity.

Thank you Paso ..and yes ..we truly are looking for your generous gift(s) to help us through this challenging period and gift just what your gifting budget will allow. Every dollar helps us in a BIG way.

“Please Help...and Thank You ...”


To Gift for Food

$5.00 ...Will purchase food for our small residents

$9.00 ...Wil purchase food for our medium sized birds

$11.00 ..Will purchase food for our BIG residents

$13.00 ..Will be used to purchase a combination of the above food as needed

Your gift can also be offered through the use of our Pay Pal account (listed below)



Make an investment in the name of YOUR Best Feathered Family (BFF) member by gifting what you can afford by using the chart above. Send your gift along with a photo & name of YOUR Exotic Bird (Can be Present or Past) and we’ll post it right here along with our FB & Twitter sites for others to enjoy.

Sponsorship Gifting Program ...

You can now “sponsor” one of our residents through one of the following categories:

BRONZE Sponsorship: $15/mo ...OR 1X=$100.00

* 22 Parakeets; * 23 Love Birds; * 32 Cockatiels; * 2 Canaries

SILVER Sponsorship: $25/mo ...OR 1X= $150.00

* 12 Conures; * 2 Ring Necks; * 2 Ciaques

GOLD Sponsorship: $40/mo ...OR 1x=$225.00

* 3 MaCaws; * 4 Cockatoos; * 4 Amazon Parrots


Use our Pay Pal Account Listed Below

[All Sponsorship Gifts go towards our food and vet/medical expenses; toys/new cages; general upkeep/expansion of the facility.]



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Our Twitter Account is NOW Active ...

Stop by www.twitter.com/@pepperkalua1

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Other ways you can help us with your gift(s) ...


Pay Pal: (Use Our Account under the name of): dezinwerx@hotmail.com

A Really BIG ...

Thank You


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How to get a hold of us here ...




Phone: 623.516.8102

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